Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy

The MPEM program is a national leading program, aimed at producing graduates who are excellent at environmental management administration. The program; additionally, emphasizes development for the balance of economics, a society and an environment with the integration of collaboration between public sector/industrial sector/private sector/self-employed businesses and civil society/community sector/independent organizations. The philosophy of the program is “Environmental management is fundamental to sustainable development”.

Program Objectives

The objective of MPEM program is to produce environmental management holders of a master’s degree who are knowledgeable and competent in the following skills:

– Implementation, administration, policy setting, planning, monitoring, analysis, assessment and evaluation of environmental projects; analysis, invention and application of appropriate technology for environmental management; and the ability to intertwine benefits from resource costs for development with environmental conservation.

– Undertaking environmental research and studies by integrating and applying technological science along with management science for environmental management at local, national and international levels.

– Raising self and social awareness in national environmental protection and remediation and taking action in compliance with government policies for sustainable environmental quality development along with the development of other fields.