MPEM Expected Learning Outcomes

ELO1 Demonstrate a form of global environmental citizenship, and adhere to environmental values and ethics as environmental management professionals.

ELO2 Apply knowledge and tools relevant to environmental development administration in an interdisciplinary nature to adapt to a changing global environment.

ELO3 Analyze complex real-world environmental problems and synthesize/propose solutions systematically and judgmentally.

ELO4 Show proficiency in formulating, administering environmental policies/plans, and in evaluating environmental management performance.

ELO5 Portray leadership and accountability in the conduct of environmental-related decision-making and change.

ELO6 Apply tools and techniques to analyze environmental-related data and information for discrete decision-making.

ELO7 Communicate effectively orally and in writing, and function in multi-disciplinary teams, especially with specialists and professional in development fields.