About Our School

NIDA Environment School

In response to the need of administrators and academicians who possess vision and abilities to balance between development and environmental conservation, Associate Professor Dr. Somporn Sangchai (then the Director of NIDA Training Center), initiated an Environmental Management curriculum, with Professor Dr. Amara Raksasataya as chairman of a committee to deliberate on its content. The curriculum was approved as a teaching program under the Graduate Studies Development Center in 1996. In 2004 this curriculum was incorporated as a part of the Graduate School of Social Development. The name of the school was then adjusted to the Graduate School of Social and Environmental Development.

In 2014, NIDA acknowledged the significance of environmental development administration, and NIDA Council in the 11/2014 meeting on 24 December 2014 passed a resolution establishing a Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration, assigning the school to teach, develop further a body of knowledge, and provide academic services in the field of environmental development administration.

Vision of GSEDA

GSEDA has vision to be “Leader in science of environmental development administration”.

Mission of GSEDA

GSEDA has designated three missions to be implemented to attain the vision:

1) To produce environmental management administrators with expertise, morality, and honesty both for themselves and public, with consciousness and social responsibility.

2) To create knowledge in the environmental management by undertaking environmental research and studies, integrating and applying technological science along with management science.

3) To create academic services for the benefit of society and national development in the field of environmental management