CSR Activity 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at Ban Moungpe Muadair School in Sisaket Province

Members of NIDA’s Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration Alumni Association under Royal Patronage, and current students joined together to undertake  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at the Ban Moungpe Muadair School in Sisaket Province between 22 – 25 October 2020,. This event was within the framework of The Alumni Association’s Environmental Relations Project, which is designed to strengthen Thai education and increase cooperation between Thai schools and the Association.

The CSR activities at the school included i landscaping, and painting. In addition, other activities were awareness raising and educating the students about the importance of garbage separation and waste disposal. The Association also donated educational equipment which included computers books, English learning programs and sports equipment as well as four types of waste sorting bins. We are confident that this environmental awareness raising event will certainly increase consciousness amongst the students, teachers and local authorities of the need to improve conservation and protection of the natural resources for the future.